Our Approach

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti
An Integrated Approach

To achieve the above objectives, Adarsh Org has adopted an integrated approach to development where the involvement of stakeholders is of crucial importance. The organisation’s activities are essentially based on community mobilisation and capacity building at the level of village institutions. Adarsh Org. has also approached a special Microfinance Inclusive Program that leads undoubtedly to increasing the local population’s sense of resource ownership.

A Decentralized Process

Adarsh Org. involves the community throughout the door-to-door collection of waste under the Swachh Bharat Mission Project process i.e. from the inception to the completion of the project. The decision-making process is decentralised.

A Need-Based Program

Adarsh Org is constantly working on community-based issues. Change and development can be seen in the implementation of a need-based program in the villages. The main target group is the deprived rural community suffering from a lack of resources, particularly women and youths living below the poverty line. To improve their conditions; we initiated feeding the malnutritioned children, other than that we also provided ration and sanitary products (Masks, hand sanitizers) during Covid 19 outbreak.