Our Vision

To create an equal and just society where the vulnerable and marginalised sections can effectively participate in their own social development process, to gain back their control over their local resources ultimately.

Our Mission

To work towards the promotion of gender equity and social justice amongst the vulnerable, to strengthen the community in the effective articulation of their needs, and to assist the population in gaining access and control over their resources.

Our Goal

The general purpose of our organisation is to ensure, for both partners and communities, a need-based socio-economy of self-reliance, for the benefit of the deprived and poverty-stricken rural populations.


Adarsh Shiksha Samiti

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of volunteers in the Salumber block of Udaipur District in the State of Rajasthan. It was formally registered as an organisation in 1989, under the Rajasthan societies registration act 1958. Later on, it was also registered under the FCRA,80G,12A, CSR, NITI Aayog, etc.

We believe in creating mass awareness of various social and economic issues. Adarsh Shiksha Samiti started organizing socio-economic development programs with the support of various governments as well as leading non-government organisations. 

With the expansion of its program area and strong liasioning with the local people, Adarsh Org expands his work further in the adjoining blocks of Salumber as well as in Southern Rajasthan. We worked on community-based issues and thus undertook the need-based program in the villages. The main target group is the rural resource less poor, mainly the deprived sections of the community, particularly the women and youth living below the poverty line. The organisation promises to fulfill the mandate of working towards the promotion of: 

  • Gender equity, Disability, and social justice for the vulnerable
  • Ability to effectively articulate their needs and gain access as well as control over their own resources.

Although it faced various obstacles, it worked successfully towards dissipating the lethargic attitude, ignorance, and unwillingness to leave impractical traditions. Adarsh Org then started bringing in socio-economic development programs with the support of various governmental organisations as well as leading non-governmental organisations.

Adarsh has successfully been able to transform the lives of thousands of people by broadly addressing issues of livelihood, health, and education. Adarsh believes to break the vicious circle of poverty, it is imperative to have a multipronged as well as an integrated approach toward enhancing livelihood capabilities. In this process, the poor must be enabled to break free from their past, develop an alternative vision of their future, and set achievable goals. They must be equipped with the technical, organisational, negotiating, and networking skills that will facilitate the fulfilment of their goals.

As such, the unemployment problem of rural youth and women needs to be addressed by equipping themselves with rural-friendly technologies; through skill development and capacity building, so that they can get some gainful employment or start their own enterprises. 

A sincere effort in this direction wouldn’t only pave the way for economic rejuvenation but also create a congenial social atmosphere for improved societal relationships, and uplift the economy by blowing a fresh breeze into rural life and the life of desperate youth and women.

Founder Member

Mr. Shashi Bhushan

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Narayan Sen