A Massage From

Chief Executive Officer

I’m happy to put before our well-wishers and supporters the Success story of Adarsh Shiksha Samiti in the year 2022-2023.

It had been a very eventful period for the organisation. We continued our work in impacting the lives of marginalised groups, bait farmers, adolescents, women, and children – all of those are most neglected in the area, and where they need our intervention is most felt.

We carried out our activities in Asha Kiran Centre for school dropout children, Empowerment of Drop-Out youths through vocational training, constructing toilets under Total Sanitation Campaign – Swachh Bharat Mission, Skill Development Training, quality education through Adarsh Shiksha Mandir – Upper Primary School at Seriya, Running Adarsh IT Gyan Kendra and empowering Tribal women through Self Help Promoting Institutes (SHPI and Swadharini), IPD project, Panchayati Raj program, Dry Ration distribution and Awareness campaign under COVID-19. The details are elaborated in the following contents of this report.

I want to share my personal gratitude to my colleagues who have striven hard to uphold lofty traditions at work and deserve appreciation for the quality output.

Working with the deprived rural tribal people for more than twenty-seven years now, we have come to realise that the process of Globalisation is perhaps more important and compulsive than the people or their needs, and perhaps even the state.

People continue to survive on the edge or even be pushed further. Despite several government interventions, despite the recent progressive law on the Right to Employment, Tribal people still take to distress migration to places far off and unknown.

Every year when we reflect on our work and on what needs to be done; we realize that we have only just begun, that we have a long way to go and many miles to go before we sleep.

We have only worked in this direction, in all our interventions we have tried to bring the debate on globalisation and its alternatives to the forefront of the public domain. We need your support as always. I am sure that the readers would find the report very meaningful and readable.


Shashi Bhushan

Chief Executive Officer