Demonstration of improved farming

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti

In the project villages, the small & marginal farmers are often at a disadvantageous position in absorbing the agriculture technology related to genetic enhancement of potential agricultural crops. Hence the concept of productivity enhancement through the use of the high-yield varieties seed & establishment of a seed bank has been initiated with the participation of beneficiaries. We have distributed improved hybrid seeds during Kharif & rabi season among interested & needy farms for demonstration. The farmers have taken the responsibility for seed production storage, procurement & redistribution of procured seeds among others and we have also provided a good deal of information and motivated the community enough to carry out the improved farming practices and established a seed bank through a back collection of produced seeds followed by the procurement process. 

As per our field observation & respondent’s views. The project has given mostly positive impacts. Although the total productivity in terms of improved breed of goats, improved varieties of crops, and local water resources have increased at an average scale it indicates that it will generate employment opportunities for the poor and will enhance their livelihood security gradually. It is true that the quantifiable & significant results are still remaining because the project area is close to poverty, illiteracy, lack of positive atmosphere for crop & livestock productivity, etc. but some short-term outcomes can be measured such as the same farmers have now begun to upgrade their local goats through breading with pure Sirohi buck and many households are now taking into the concept of using the high yield varieties of crops for productivity enhancement and some other women are also attracting on the pedigree, adaptability & profitability of distributed goats, etc.